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About CGM (Cinta Gaza Malaysia)

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CGM Since 2014

Persatuan Cinta Gaza Malaysia (CGM) is an NGO established in 2014 by a group of Malaysian youths.

The Founder

The founder, Nadir Al-Nuri, is currently the only Malaysian citizen stationed in Gaza.

Our Main Objective

CGM's main objective is to provide emergency and ongoing humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza.

Education, Growth & Development of Palestinian

CGM also focuses on the professional growth and development of Palestinian youth, particularly in education and leadership.

Expanding Planning

CGM works towards expanding its services through economic cooperation with local and international NGOs, government bodies, and corporate agencies.

Extending Operations

CGM's operations have extended to Syria and have also been active in local emergency and humanitarian assistance in Malaysia, such as the recent Bantuan Kecemasan Covid-19 in Sabah.
Cinta Gaza Malaysia Team

Our Team

Turning your generosity into impact
Nadir Al-Nuri
Chief Executive Officer
Johan Muhammad
Chief Operation Officer
Mohd Faizal
Chief Financial Officer
Dr. Syahid Sowell
Chief Strategic Officer
Umm Salamah
Chief Business Officer
Syahmi Afiq
Head of Advocacy & Publication
Hassan Syukri
Head of Creative Media
Rosilawaty Suep
Human Resources Officer
Ilham Syifa
Admin Executive
Nabila Ishak
Finance Executive
Nurhidayah Asmadi
Account Assistant
Aida Munirah
Strategic Executive (Data Analyst)
Rusydi Ramli
Strategic Executive (Waqf & Zakat Fund)
Haikal Zulkefli
Strategic Executive (Public Relations)
Amirul Syafik
Program Executive (International)
Project Coordinator
Amir Izat
Digital Fundraising Executive
Haziq Nordin
Content Creator
Najihah Abu
Donor Relations Executive
Hidayah Yahya
Donor Relations Executive
Sabrina Suhaimi
Research & Advocacy Executive
Nur 'Afifah
Lia Maryam
Sul Aidil
Video Editor
Azizul Hakim
Video Editor
Syahidatul Nabilah
Social Media Manager
Syafwa Merlyn
Graphic Designer